Parents’ Council

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At this address, we are waiting for information, reports, problems, proposals, words of thanks, complaints, cooperation queries, etc.


Committee of the Parents’ Council 2021-2022 (PPC)

First name and last name Grade E-mail Function
Maciej Czerwiński 6b Chairman of the PPC
Urszula Morawska PPC Deputy Chairman
Monika Klinowska Member of the PPC
Eliza Kacprowicz Treasurer of the PPC
Aniela Kobus PPC secretary
Paulina Latek-Przybylska 


Member of the PPC
Adam Kwiecień Member of the PPC

Audit Committee of the Parents’ Council 2021-2022 (ACPC)

First name and last name Grade E-mail Function
  Chairman of the ACPC
  Member of the ACPC
  Member of the ACPC

Departmental Parents’ Councils (DPC)

If you want to write a message to all chairmen, deputies and treasurers of Departmental Parents’ Councils (Class Trios), you can with to the collective e-mail address:  – please note that only DPC members have the right to send emails there.

Parents’ Council work plan 2016-17

  • Solving problems with picking up children – cooperation with the day-care room
  • Taking action to eliminate pediculosis at school
  • Warming the relations between the Parents’ Council, educators and school personnel
  • Warming the relations between the Parents’ Council and the Parents
  • Communicating information on education reform
  • Activation of parents of children in grades 4-6
  • Activation of the Class Committees
  • Conducting fairs in the new formula, especially for the older classes
  • Transparency of the finances of the Parents’ Council and the day-care room
  • Informing parents about activities performed by the Parents’ Council
  • Cooperation with the Student Council – supporting their activities
  • Canteen – solving communication problems – Parents – kitchen, dishes and giving out meals. Establishing a team for the whole school year!
  • Cooperation with the “Stefanka” Foundation in terms of school assistance

Previous (until 11.12.2015) activities of the Parents’ Council in school year 2015-16

  • Shortening bell ringing to 4 seconds
  • Announcements on TV in the cloakroom
  • Posting school information on the website and on Facebook
  • Ensuring equal rights with regard to ethics and religion at school (lesson plans, etc.)
  • Designating a zone for parents without protectors
  • Popularisation of the e-journal
  • Establish clear rules for picking up first-grade children learning on the ground floor
  • Facilitation project concerning picking up children (there will be a telephone in the corridor)
  • More precise accounting settlements of the Parents’ Council fund
  • Increasing the activity of parents
  • Facilitating communication of “Class Committees” – exchange of views and problems
  • Choosing a photographer to take pictures at school in the spring (no commission for the school or the Parents’ Council)
  • Contacting the school counsellor and providing information about the her activities
  • Solving parents’ problems and informing about the progress in this field
  • Organisation of the Potato Day
  • Establishing a place for lost items
  • Cloakroom clock purchase
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